Rolling with the Frango..

Ogilvy Cape Town created a special World Cup ad, which has got everyone chuckling. The ad sees a footballer take a dive and roll around on the ground, only he keeps rolling.. off the pitch, out of the stadium, over a bridge, through town, and into KFC.

This shines a light on Neymar, who has, according to Swiss Broadcaster RTS, spend 13 minutes and 50 seconds this World Cup in a smilier predicament. So the timing of this ad, although originally created for the African continent, has gone viral. Since its launch on June 15th, KFC South Africa’s YouTube channel has had over 1.2 million views.

It appears Neymar’s famous diving skills were noted, and kids around the globe learning how to play the sport, are now even learning the art of the ‘Neymar Dive’.

I have been shown this ad by 4 people in the last few days, most who don’t care for the sport, but all find it a perfect ad for the season that’s in it.

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