Your time for charity

In the current digital age, as someone passionate about marketing and effective advertising, I am at a loss with so many useless online ads on my screen. By last year, when I was on youtube, I would let that annoying ad for Grammarly run in silence whilst I got a drink, as it annoyed me so much they hadn’t even used frequency capping.

Someone cottoned onto the fact, that those precious moments that viewers are online could be used for good. And so, the Good Loop started  – an “ethical online video advertising platform seeking to fix the problems experienced in ad tech”. Working with online publishers, they look to provide both publishers and advertisers the opportunity to improve their levels of engagement and give consumers the opportunity to make a positive impact on society. Premium sites like the Guardian have already signed up, and it’s only gone through its crowdfunding phase.

Thanks to Unilever’s Foundry, where startups get the opportunity to collaborate with one of its 400+ brands, Knorr were the first to step up and take part in a pilot scheme which took place in April.



Viewers who watch the ad for 15 seconds are then ‘rewarded’  choosing between one of their charitable causes to receive 50% of the ad money. For Knorr, their three charities chosen were:

They were chosen because they matched Knorr’s “wider commitment to make sustainable living commonplace”.

Amy Williams is the founder and CEO of Good-Loop. She said: “Through working with Unilever Foundry, we’ve partnered with Knorr to deploy an adtech solution which can generate real social change and deliver better marketing ROI. It’s a win-win-win for the brand, for the people watching the ad, and for Knorr’s amazing charity partners.”

Without publishing their results, Knorr’s Senior Brand Manager was happy to give a glowing review on Good Loop website.

Screen Shot 2018-07-17 at 18.23.12.png

This is an obvious next step for certain brands to now get attached with, I just wonder which publishers will participate as the charity receive’s 50% of the ad revenue while the rest goes to the publisher and Good-Loop as income.

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