KFFFC – Kentucky Fried Factory Farmed Chickens

It is nearly 20 years ago since I ate at KFC, let alone any fast food restaurant. And the videos available these days to see how those fast foods are made, should be enough to turn anyone off eating them, yet it doesn’t resonate with many. We have become so numb to reality in a way, we can easily tune out how some of our food is made so we can justify eating it – “It’s cheap”.

Wakker Dier is a foundation based on raising the awareness of the treatment of animals, who cleverly create advertisements to raise awareness of the reality of the situation. Their current campaign “KFP” Kentucky Fried PlofKip (factory farmed chickens) is a clear anti-KFC ad. The ad is a parody of the typical KFC ad, which typically centres on a happy employee, and the process of fresh chickens, breadcrumbs, frying (alongside crispy lettuce and juicy tomatoes). But here a voice over gives a reality check like “our chicken isn’t just chicken, our chicken is grown twice a fast as an average chicken” or the fact its in a tiny space, or doest see any daylight. A very contrasting image of happy employees making food.

The focus is that people need to wake up to the fact that “KFC sells breadcrumbed chicken, in large quantities and at very low prices. So a lot of animal suffers”.

A previous campaign from 2016, was focused on the Happy Meals targeting children with the small toys  – Toys like: Fatty (over fed) Blisty (blisters on feet) Puffy (overheated)  and Cripple (deformed). Wakker Dier focused on the reality of the chickens and associations with consumers who buy these products for their children, just to take a second thought.


I just think there needs to be a bigger nudge for parents, and this will require the likes of behavioural experts to figure out the best way to get consumers to take a stand against the large companies who exploit animals welfare for their own commercial gain. But ignorance is bliss. So for many fast food consumers, this will require a very dramatic campaign, one which I can’t imagine.

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