It’s the pits – Advertising

At some stage in our lives, the majority of us have had to get a bus, train, metro or subway to our job, and if you were unlucky enough to not get a seat, instead you grab rail and hope you don’t have any sweat stains underneath.

Japan, a country known for its rich history, food and its weird and wonderful way of life. To be there is like living in the future already, and one advertising company is certainly looking to gain coverage where no one else has been. Wakino, are now paying young women 10,000Yen (€77) per hour to place stickers on their armpits whilst they are standing on trains and subways. Using this retail space, they look to grab the attention of passengers thus increasing awareness of the company they are advertising for. The first client, a hint of genius – a beautician offers underarm hair removal treatments.

This reminds me of previous attempts by Cambridge students in the UK, who created BuyMyFace websites set up to rent their cheeks and face as advertising space, as a way to pay off their student loans.images


I assume this to be a short fad, just to get people talking and sharing on social media to generate conversation. Something playful, but doubtful a serious element of any business for the future!



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