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Back in 2010, HBR published the article “Forget Mentors: Employ a Personal Board of Directors” and I only can wish I read this article back then and took note. Eight years on, there are numerous articles in Forbes, Huffington Post, covering this, (the LinkedIn Learning platform) have this under their Business Skills area, and even GoDaddy, (the domain name registrar site) have covered this topic.

Last week I went to the bookshop (buy local!) and purchased Jürgen Salenbacher’s book Creative Personal Branding. Much like the article, this was published back in 2011, and again – I wonder why I hadn’t known about this or anyone had suggested it to me. It’s been an experience.

I dedicated 10 days to work on this book, as the assignments attached to out chapters, are not something easily jotted down. Writing your vision and mission statement is not for the light hearted. This takes time, a lot of time, and plenty of effort.

As I do this, I am emailing back and forth with one of the top 10 voices on Marketing – having reached out in a desperate plea to gain insight from someone to get an objective view, having felt I have failed time and time again here in Amsterdam.  This is not just invigorating, but it is making me aware that time is not of the essence, but just an element. That ensuring I know who I am, what I bring to the table, and where I want to be in 5 years, is key than just landing a contract with any job. There are steps to be taking, and investing time and energy into myself is the first of many.

With few friends in this industry I am so passionate about here in Amsterdam, I will be looking for new ways to connect, to hopefully collaborate and join the creative community. But for now, I am reflecting and reframing – whilst reviewing my current position, I look for people I can rely on, be inspired by and be spurred on to bigger and greater things in my future.


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